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Create a Volunteering Organization

What is it? A volunteering organization connects potential volunteers with opportunities to provide service to the community.  Volunteering is one way that people try and help their communities.  Through the process, people are often connected across traditional boundaries and work towards creating a better future can be accomplished.  However, it is not always easy to determine where to volunteer or how to initiate the process.  An organization can help connect volunteers with opportunities.  Such an entity helps strengthen local assets and connects human resources with the areas where they are most needed.  Volunteering organizations make it easier for people to be involved and it reduces the costs of local nonprofit and governmental programs, by assisting them with volunteer recruitment and management.

How has it been used? The Rappahannock United Way operates a volunteering database. Area organizations post opportunities on the United Way website.  Community members can visis the site and search for the opportunities that best match their desires and skills.  In addition to operating the volunteering website, the United Way also conducts a Days of Caring event that promotes volunteering across the area. The United Way has engaged over 600 volunteers in the Day of Caring, to work on a number of projects. The organization also promotes numerous opportunities to turn these one-time participants into continuing volunteers. These activities help instill a sense of service in local residents and raise awareness of service needs. (Source: Rappahannock United Way)

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