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Start a Makers Group

What is it? A makers group is made up of people who embrace the do it yourself spirit. It is not easy to find people who are interested in, or capable of, repairing, let alone creating, their computers, household appliances or other devices.  Makers groups challenge the perspective that technology is the exclusive domain of specialists or big companies.  By creating a makers group, citizens can foster creativity and independence by allowing people to explore making in a collaborative environment.  New ideas are embraced and explored, rather than shunned and dismissed.  This vision can be particularly compelling when youth are included and can learn these lessons to take with them into the rest of their lives.

How has it been used? Omaha, Nebraska has a vibrant makers group.  This group has a designated space for people to come together and create things.  Unlike someone tinkering in their basement or garage alone, people in this group can work collaboratively and learn from one another.  This collaboration is not just present in the physical workspace but also in the creative process that comes before it.  Participants share ideas in an online forum or wiki and can get or give advice as the opportunity arises.  Projects of all kinds have been done.  Whether it is making a Geiger counter or a remote control lawn mower, this group has embraced the challenge.  (Source: Omaha Maker Group)

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