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Implement a Community Fitness Program

What is it? A community fitness program is designed to help get people moving and encourage healthy living.  It can take many different forms, but a fitness program focuses on showing people how to be active and eliminating barriers.  It could include showing people exercises they can do on their own and incentivizing activity or distribute eating tips and organize group exercise sessions.  There are myriad options.  But, no matter the specific program, people are encouraged to get out and active.

How has it been used? Roanoke, VA runs a program called the Roanoke 100 Miler through its Department of Parks and Recreation.  Every year this program starts in January to encourage people to follow through on their resolutions to get more active.  It challenges participants to complete 100 miles of human powered movement over 100 days.  It can be on a bike, on foot, or even in canoe.  No matter the mode, people are getting outside and getting moving.  Tools are provided to help people track their progress and a party is held at the end of the event.  At this party all kinds of giveaways take place.  The City of Roanoke has recognized that everyone benefits when the community is healthier and everyone prefers doing something fun to get healthy.  (Source: Roanoke 100 Miler)

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