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Hold a Clean Commute Challenge

What is it? A clean commute challenge is designed to encourage alternative modes of transportation by providing incentives.  Instead of just relying on vehicular transportation, participants are challenged to use an alternative mode at least a certain number of times within a given timeframe.  Participants are asked to sign a pledge where they set a goal for how often they will use these alternative methods.  Often these programs offer some kind of reward, or entry in a drawing for a prize, to entice people to join.  Even after the challenge is over, participants have a different perception of how people can get to and from work, or anywhere else they need to go.

How has it been used? Lynchburg, VA was home to a Clean Commute Challenge hosted by the Region 2000 Partnership.  Over the course of the Lynchburg Area Bike Week, participants were challenged to find an alternative way of getting to work for at least one day.  As a reward for taking the pledge, individuals or businesses could win prizes or recognition.  In order to help make this more possible, information was also provided on all the options available for people who were interested in changing their habits.  All of this helps people realize there are alternatives everywhere and not just urban centers.  (Source: Region 2000 Partnership)

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