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Organize a Park(ing) Day

What is it? For a Park(ing) Day event, people reclaim parking spaces as public space.  Certain chosen spaces are turned into temporary parks for the community to use.  Participants are encouraged to be creative in the design and implementation of their car-sized parks.  It could be like a very small traditional green space with seating, or it could contain anything imaginable that gets people talking about the place they live and work.  The events serve as a great way of engaging artists with the community.  There is an international Park(ing) Day held annually, but local events could happen at any time.  The events are based around the idea of reimagining what these spaces could be and challenging the idea of a vehicle centric perspective.

How has it been used? Philadelphia, PA has a large Park(ing) Day event every year.  They have brought in many creative people and groups and now have 20 to 30 spaces turned into parks every year.  These spaces have experienced a plethora of creative uses. From a wooden, deck-like patio to a grassy area with benches, the traditional park ideas are present.  But there are also installations that are more creative, like creative bike racks, artistic windmills and public input stations.  Any way this is done, the end product helps create a dramatically different vision of a people friendly use of that place. (Source: Park(ing) Day Philadelphia)

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