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Hold a Heritage Festival

What is it? A heritage festival brings a community together to celebrate its past. Festivals may build on, or celebrate, specific local cultural assets or traditions.  The events help preserve and protect heritage and traditions while allowing for the adaptation and incorporation of newer elements that help define the community.  A number of related impacts may also be significant.  Residents may serve as organziers and committee members, which strengthens individual leadership and organizational skills.  The events themselves may provide an economic and tourism boost to the region.  It also helps educate newer residents and young people about the history and culture of their place.

How has it been used? Every year, the residents of Fieldale, Virginia host a heritage festival.  The event was originally created as part of a community revitalization project.  It continues to help create a sense of pride in the community.  The festival includes live music, artisan demonstrations, food and fun activities for families and kids.  In addition, the community organizes historical learning experiences including walking tours, presentations, and film viewings. (Source:

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