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Start a Pop-Up Store

What is it? A pop-up store is a temporary establishment designed to take advantage of empty storefronts.  Empty buildings are often a signal to outsiders of problems in an area.  However, it can be prohibitively expensive to open a store that may fail.  A pop-up store allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of an empty space for a lower price, for a temporary period, while also helping bring new life to dormant sites. Often, such efforts create an aura of excitement about a short-term establishment which can help drive attention to the area and the store.  If successful, these pop-ups can become more permanent.  Either way, the neighborhood can benefit.

How has it been used? The Shockoe Slip section in Richmond, Virginia has recently been undergoing some significant changes.  GrowRVA wanted to help develop the Shockoe Design District within this area and decided that one way was with a pop-up store.  GrowRVA is dedicated to connecting local artists and food establishments with customers.  As this rebranding process was occurring in Shockoe, GrowRVA opened a store for local artisanal goods. The pop up was very successful, and has now made way for another new business after six months in that site.  The variety and change among the pop ups is an important part of helping this area attractive to visitors and residents. (Source: GrowRVA)

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