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Create a Networking Game

What is it? A networking game is designed to connect assets within a community.  Often, the games are used to bring community residents together and build bridges between different groups.  The kinds and structures of games may differ, but a major goal is to provide fun ways to connect people with areas and individuals with which they were not previously familiar. The games help strengthen social capital in the community and increase understanding between groups.

How has it been used? Macon Money was a game used to bring the community of Macon, Georgia together and help support local businesses.  Community members could sign up and receive half of a bond from the program.  In order to redeem this bond, they had to find the person who had the other half of their bond.  There were a number of different ways that this could be accomplished.  The program hosted events for people to try and find their match or people used the program’s Facebook page to seek out their match.  When the match was found, the people holding the two halves would go together to headquarters to redeem their bond.  The bond was redeemed for Macon Money, which could then be spent at local businesses.  All of this helped connect strangers and familiarized more people with new local businesses. (Source: Macon Money)

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