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Rejuvenate the Streetscapes

What is it? Streets allow cars to travel from one place to another. Streetscaping is the process of making neighborhood streets more attractive.  These efforts may involve new benches, brick sidewalks, greenery or even art on the side of the road.  A streetscaping project may also introduce new boundaries to the roadway to try and slow traffic down.  There are any number of innovative ideas.  Streetscaping encourages walking, promotes beautification, and fosters pride in the community.

How has it been used? Many Lynchburg residents perceived a major expressway through the city to be quite an eyesore.  Many visitors entered the community by this road.  A private-public partnership, called the LEAF Project, was formed to help fund significant changes to the landscaping around the road.  The Project was able to raise over 1.5 million dollars, and in the process radically transformed the land along the expressway.  Funding came from many sources and donors were recognized by signs placed along the route.  Grass, flowers and trees were planted all along the expressway.  The Project turned one of the city’s least beautiful sites into a greener space and a major asset for the community.  This land, which is a bit like the city’s front yard, now serves as a better way to welcome those who visit. (Source:

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