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Construct a Pocket Park

What is it? Parks beautify neighborhoods, provide recreational opportunities, and encourage people to spend time outside.  However, many towns and cities contain either a few large parks or have too many sites without green space.  Pocket parks are created from abandoned or underutilized locations such as a vacant lot or a parking lot. These small parks can range in size from just a few square feet to the length of multiple building lots.  When turned into parks, this type of space can serve almost all of the same functions as a more traditional park.

How has it been used? Downtown Harrisonburg, VA is home to a pocket park.  Denton Park is right across from the downtown library and provides visitors with a place to sit down and enjoy being outside.  This downtown area is now much more welcoming, particularly to pedestrians.  The park is home to several trees and is cobbled in stone, making it a very inviting area.  It even has a small waterfall for visitors to enjoy. (Source: Harrisonburg, Virginia)

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