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Initiate a Digital Storytelling Project

What is it? Digital storytelling is the use of digital technology to share a short personal story. This sharing of personal narrative helps to explore how different people feel about their community. It can be very useful in uncovering community problems and assets.

How has it been done? The Sonke Gender Justice in South Africa used digital storytelling to breakdown stereotypes and help create a vision for the future. They partnered with the Center for Digital Storytelling to create the Silence Speaks initiative. For this project a mobile computer lab was created and a series of workshops were held with youth, women, HIV-positive individuals and community leaders. These individuals would each create their own story with the help of the facilitators. The work that these individuals created was then presented in collections with a discussion guide to be shown in different communities. Each story is a powerful narrative of how an individual has been influenced by their community. (Source: Center for Digital Storytelling)

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