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Host a Community Meeting

What is it? A community meeting is a way of bringing people together to talk about an issue that is confronting them.  Such a meeting is usually focused on a problem that has been perceived in the community.  Everyone is invited to come and discuss the issue at hand.  A meeting like this can be invaluable in helping determine what people think about an issue and to seek for possible solutions.  It can also help inform the community of a problem that some may not be aware of.  A community meeting is often the first step in a campaign for change.  This meeting gets people on the same page and can help bring people in to help.

How has it been used? The Vanguard Community Development Corporation hosted a community meeting to talk about quality of life in Grand/Woodward Neighborhood of Detroit.  The focus of the discussion came to rest specifically on improving public safety.  The community members wanted to be involved in helping to craft plans to help make their neighborhood a safer place.  They decided that cleaning up empty lots and improving lighting would be a good start for helping to push for safety.  The work of the neighborhood patrol was also cited as being helpful.  By engaging the community, they have tapped into local knowledge and have established a platform on which to accomplish further work.  (Source: Our Detroit)

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