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Start a Neighborhood Blog

What is it? A neighborhood blog is an online resource where community news and resources are shared.  With the rapid population changes in many areas and the shrinking budgets of traditional news outlets, local news is often less reported.  Crime statistics, upcoming events or proposed development projects may be examples of items that are not always prominently featured.  Information about policy issues that affect neighborhoods, or scheduled public meetings, may never reach some of the people who most need to hear it.  A neighborhood blog is a simple online place where all of this information can be found.  It is much cheaper than a newsletter and can be constantly updated.  Without an information tool like this, it is much harder for people to know what is going on and even harder to do anything about it.

How has it been used? Frozen Tropics is the name of a neighborhood blog focused on a particular neighborhood in Northeast Washington, DC.  The blog updates site visitors about all the news and events affecting the Trinidad neighborhood and the areas along H Street NE.  The information provided includes notices about meetings in the neighborhood, new happenings and even news reports from other sources.  Everything from lost dog notices to information about police activity can be found in this one place.  Additionally, the blog provides lots of links to other resources that might be of use to someone in this area.  The neighborhood has experienced significant changes in the past few years and this blog has been able to document these changes and provide its residents with useful information. (Source: Frozen Tropics)

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