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Hold a Resource Fair

What is it? A community resource fair is a public event showcasing the organizations, programs, and services available to area residents.  Often, community members are not aware of where they can go for help.  A resource fair is designed to help overcome this hurdle and make people aware of the breadth of opportunities available.  Groups and organizations that provide services to citizens are invited to attend and share.  Even if an individual knows that a certain service is available, they often are not aware of how and where to access that resource.  In the end, the fair seeks to inform people about what they can do for themselves and their community.

How has it been used? The Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce holds an annual resource fair targeted specifically to the Hispanic community.  The Chamber secures a large venue and offers community service providers, embassies, government agencies, nonprofits and area businesses the opportunity to attend and share information about their organization and programs. Community members are invited to attend and learn about all the opportunities and resources that are available. The majority of exhibitors have booths in a big presentation hall, but there are also seminars where attendees can learn more detailed information about selected resources.  The event is designed to provide Hispanic residents with resources to help them thrive as members of the broader Virginia community. (Source: The Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce)

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